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Congresswoman Believes Movie ‘Bully’ Will Help Pass Laws

April 1, 2012

by Elena Isella | April 02, 2012

Democratic congresswoman Linda Sanchez (Calif.) hopes the controversial new film “Bully” will raise awareness about bullying in schools across the country.

Sanchez is a sponsor for the “Safe Schools Improvement Act”, bi-partisan legislation designed to prevent students from being bullied and harassed. The legislation would ban bullying, collect information on harassment, and provide technical assistance to school districts. Sanchez also introduced the “Put School Counselors where They’re Needed Act” which creates additional funding for secondary counselors in troubled schools, in an effort to reduce drop out rates. “Bully” chronicles the lives of several children being bullying in school. But it’s not the subject matter causing a stir, it is the rating. The film received an “R” rating by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) because explicit language is used multiple times.

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