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Burbank School District Looks at Bullying Rules

August 19, 2012
Officials would have authority to monitor school Internet system for problem posts.
By Kelly Corrigan, kelly.corrigan@latimes.comAugust 18, 2012 | 4:43 p.m.

State legislation regarding cyberbullying is spurring changes to Glendale Unified’s own policies as school officials address the ways in which social media websites and other electronic media have affected their ability to monitor student activities.

Glendale’s current policy refers to cyberbullying once among 11 specific conduct rules, but that could soon change. The draft changes unveiled this week — which would add nearly 100 lines of new text to district policies — define cyberbullying and spell out an “electronic act” as transmitting by message, text, sound, image or post on a social network site.

The proposed changes were prompted by three pieces of legislation in Sacramento that define bullying and outline how educators can prevent it, intervene and investigate student complaints. Full Article Here.

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