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Cyber Bullying: Montana Needs Laws In Place

October 28, 2012
October 26, 2012 7:45 am

Why are there currently no anti-bullying laws in Montana? According to stopbullying.gov there are currently no cyber bullying laws in the state of Montana. Cyber bullying is an issue that occurs even here. With ncsl.org, it states, “Does not have cyber bullying legislation specifically directed for the school environment, but does have general anti-bullying statutes. Montana Code Annotated, 45-5-550, Stalking law that can be used to prosecute cyber bullying.”

With this an ever-growing problem, why would our schools not be more active in helping students cope? If more children were informed on what cyber bullying is, what can be said as to what cannot be said, and who children can turn to when being cyber bullied, then there may be less instances of cyber bullying within our community. Read entire article here.




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