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Teens Arrested in Rape Case Tied to Saratoga High Student’s Suicide

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Updated:   04/12/2013 12:46:18 PM PDT

SARATOGA — Three 16-year-old boys were arrested Thursday in the sexual battery of an intoxicated and unconscious 15-year-old Saratoga High School student, who killed herself last fall after photos of the assault went viral.

When digital photos showing what had happened “spread like wildfire,” the aftermath was so humiliating and torturous the gifted and well-loved Audrie Pott could no longer take it, said Robert Allard, the attorney for her family.

“Poor Audrie was terrorized by cyberbullying,” Allard said.

She posted on Facebook, calling it the “worst day in her life,” a life she now wanted to end — which she did Sept. 10, eight days after the assault. Read entire article here.

Burbank School District Looks at Bullying Rules

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Officials would have authority to monitor school Internet system for problem posts.
By Kelly Corrigan, kelly.corrigan@latimes.comAugust 18, 2012 | 4:43 p.m.

State legislation regarding cyberbullying is spurring changes to Glendale Unified’s own policies as school officials address the ways in which social media websites and other electronic media have affected their ability to monitor student activities.

Glendale’s current policy refers to cyberbullying once among 11 specific conduct rules, but that could soon change. The draft changes unveiled this week — which would add nearly 100 lines of new text to district policies — define cyberbullying and spell out an “electronic act” as transmitting by message, text, sound, image or post on a social network site.

The proposed changes were prompted by three pieces of legislation in Sacramento that define bullying and outline how educators can prevent it, intervene and investigate student complaints. Full Article Here.

Police Captain: “A 24/7 Problem”

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Cyberbullying increasingly a law enforcement issue
Teens often don’t understand ramifications
By Tim Ryan
tryan@shawanoleader.comOne day last fall, students at Shawano Community High School were buzzing about word that a fight was going to take place after school. Notice of the fight had been posted on Facebook and word spread from there.

Associate Principal Steve Linssen was notified and brought in the two students responsible for the posting.

As it turned out, there was no fight planned.

“It was really a social experiment by these two boys,” Linssen said. “What they were really doing was trying to see the magnitude of Facebook and how many people would start asking them about this fight.”

As the buzz spread and started to disrupt classes, they realized their experiment had gotten out of hand, Linssen said.

Not all Facebook postings turn out to be so harmless. In some cases, the harassment and bullying that was once confined to the schoolyards has moved on to the Internet.

Most schools have adopted anti-bullying programs that address cyberbullying. Students also face repercussions for inappropriate use of technology — everything from having their cell phones confiscated to expulsion. The more serious cases, such as cyberbullying, are referred to law enforcement.

Read entire article here


Bullying of School Bus Monitor

June 23, 2012 1 comment

By Associated Press, Updated: Saturday, June 23, 8:27 AM

MIAMI — The bullying that bus monitor Karen Klein endured on a ride home from an upstate New York school was painful and egregious, but also shows how student harassment of teachers and administrators has become more spiteful and damaging in the online era.

Much attention has been paid to students who bully students in class, after school and on the Internet. Less has been given to equally disturbing behavior by students who harass instructors, principals and other adults.

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